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Fantasy Sports R Us hosts keeper leagues in fantasy baseball and fantasy football. At FSRU, enjoy playing your team in season and trading throughout the off season. Our leagues never stop.

FSRU is now the largest keeper league site on the internet. We owe it all to the commitment and the dedication of our growing group of team owners. When it comes to keeper league sites, we provide the highest payouts and an unparalleled personal service.

You can join a new league and draft your entire roster from scratch, or purchase an orphaned team in an established league. You choose a snake or auction draft in your preferred game. But whatever you decide, get your team today!

Whether you are a new or experienced player, you deserve to compete on the best fantasy sports site on the net.
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In a snake draft keeper league, each team owner is allowed to retain 12 players in baseball, 8 players in football, which they owned during the previous season eliminating these players from the draft. In an auction league, unlimited players can be kept by the team owner, but they must give each kept player a $3 increase in salary prior to the supplemental draft.

In a NEW keeper league, all players are available to be drafted and their are no keepers.

Unless a league is clearly marked "EXTENDED DRAFT" it can be assumed that it is a standard snake draft. In an extended league draft, each team owner will have 6 hours to make a pick.

The clock will be off from 12am Midnight to 6am. This draft normally takes 10 to 14 days.

These drafts are done utilizing CBS Sports top of the industry extended draft software. This draft gives each team owner plenty of time to review players and make their best pick.

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