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Mission Statement
Fantasy Sports "R" Us was founded to provide a top quality fantasy sports service and to encourage participation in Fantasy Sports Leagues. will strive to provide the most professional service and the ultimate fantasy sports experience to each member participant. Providing an attractive forum for hobbyists to meet, interact, compete and have fun will always be at the forefront of the decision-making process at FSRU. We believe that it is our first and most important responsibility to operate a fair game.

Member Code of Ethics
All FSRU members are expected to deal with other members with honesty and integrity. While competition is an integral part of the fantasy sports experience, equally important is each participants commitment to act in a fair an equitable manner. If a member agrees to a trade, their word is their bond; members should not trade a newly injured player to an unknowing competitor. In essence, members are expected to treat other members, as they themselves would hope to be treated in the fair competition of the game. Fantasy Sports R Us operates 5 year keeper leagues. We ask all new visitors to make an honest and fair evaluation of the current and future resources and to only join leagues they feel confident they can commit to for that term.

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