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FSRU hosts live fantasy baseball snake and auction drafts utilizing advanced software in both head to head and rotisserie leagues. Have you ever imagined what it would be like to own your own Major League Baseball Team. What if every player in the major leagues was available to draft and you had 1st choice. Who would you take? Or if you had the 8th choice, which players do you think would be gone, and who would you choose then. Will you start your team with the proven arm? Or do want that stud bat?

FSRU gives you the opportunity to enjoy baseball like you never have before. Whether you play for the Championship Money, the prestigious trophy, or the fun of the game, our leagues will stimulate your interest in America's Pastime.

Each league is provided its own incredible website and all the statistics, injury reports and information you could possibly want. We even give you live feed to see how well your players, or your opponents players, are doing as the games are going on. No morning box scores needed here.

While FSRU is miles ahead of the competition in terms of site development and customer service, our absolute 'claim to fame' is located in the fees and award sections of the League Rule Books. Our competition gives away snow in Antarctica! And many charge extra for transactions so you pay them for the opportunity to win the snow!

While our leagues vary in prices, one thing remains the same,
Fantasy Sports "R" Us awards the

The Biggest Payout in Fantasy Sports.

If you want a spontaneous live draft without having to leave the comfort of your own home, then you should be playing with the best fantasy baseball website on the net.

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