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INTRODUCTION: Fantasy Sports R Us hosts high payout fantasy baseball Rotisserie Keeper leagues with a live online draft. If this is your first live Fantasy Baseball Draft get ready for something you will never forget. An opportunity to meet many new friends and do something you will enjoy year after year. FSRU hosts 3 different type of drafts: A standard snake draft, an extended snake draft, and an auction draft.

STANDARD DRAFT: Snake drafts are standard for the site and should be assumed if the site does not specifically note them as AUCTION or EXTENDED. Standard new league drafts are "all in one day" and normally take 2 1/2 to 4 hours. New league drafts are serpentine (1-14, 14-1, 1-14, etc.), and are held in your leagues personal website using top of the industry draft software. You only click the player, click the position you are putting him at and he goes off the roster board and on your team. All our new and established League Draft Dates are always listed right on the site. A new league draft order is issued utilizing CBS sports commissioners Random Draft Order Generator.

Each player will have 120 seconds to make a draft pick and a draft robot will be in use. The draft robot will automatically make a pick for an owner who does not submit a pick before the time limit expires. The draft robot picks the top player listed in the owners draft queue- or the rank list. If the owner has not put players in the queue, it will use its own rankings. New league drafts are done all in one day and usually take about 3 hours.

AUCTION DRAFT: Unless a league is clearly marked "AUCTION DRAFT" it can be assumed that it is a standard snake draft. In an auction draft league, each team begins with $270 to draft a 29 player roster. Once the draft begins, player bids will be taken in $1 increments with a minimum bid of $1. In the following years, you can keep as many as you wish on your roster at an annual player salary increase of $3. These drafts are done utilizing CBS Sports top of the industry auction software. It is the closest thing to an in-person auction draft. Your gonna love it!!! Once the draft is over, there is a $320 salary cap on teams.
If a player is not drafted, he will be provided a default salary of $4 if picked up via free agency. The final two players to complete your 29 player roster will be issued via free agency.

EXTENDED DRAFT: Unless a league is clearly marked "EXTENDED DRAFT" it can be assumed that it is a standard snake draft. In an extended league draft, each team owner will have 6 hours to make a pick. The clock will be off from 12am Midnight to 6am. The draft robot will automatically make a pick for an owner who does not submit a pick before the time limit expires. If an owner is not going to be available to make a pick, it is recommended he queue his player choices and turn on auto draft so as to not hold up his choice till the clock runs out. In the unlikely event that this leagues draft is not on target for completion by season start, the commissioner reserves the right to decrease the clock time between picks to ensure draft completion in a timely manner. An extended draft normally takes 10 to 14 days.

KEEPER LEAGUE DRAFTS: Beginning in year two, team owners protect 12 players and a 15 round non-serpentine (i.e. 14-1, 14-1) supplemental draft will be held annually based on the reverse standings of the previous year. The final two players to complete your 29 player roster are issued via free agency. Keeper leagues run in 5 year intervals.

There will be no keepers in a redraft year as all players are available. We believe drafting a team from scratch is an integral part of the fantasy baseball experience. Each established leagues redraft year is listed Fantasy Baseball League Winners page. At the end of the 5 year span, the league will draft in random order using the sites automated random drawing software.

TRADE THROUGH THE OFF SEASON: Once the Major League Baseball season ends, if your keeper team is paid for the following season, you can trade with other teams paid for the next season throughout the off-season. So our team owners can trade all year long.

FANTASY BASEBALL TEAMS and ROSTERS: Mixed (AL/NL) leagues will have 10, 12 or 14 teams. AL or NL only leagues have 10 teams.
Each team will each have 29 players (22 active per week):

1- Catcher
1- First Basemen
1- Corner Infield (1B or 3B)
1- Third Basemen
1- Second Basemen
1- Middle Infield (2B or SS)
1- Short Stop
5- Outfielders
1- Utility (Any Offensive Player)
9- Pitchers
7- Reserve (Offense or Pitching).

HOW TO WIN at 5x5 ROTISSERIE BASEBALL: There are five hitting and five pitching categories in 5x5 Roto Leagues.

The five hitting categories are:
Batting Average (BA)
Home Runs (HR)
Runs Batted In (RBI)
Stolen Bases (SB) 
Runs Scored (R)

The five pitching categories are:
Wins (W)
Saves (S)
Earned Run Average (ERA)
WHIP (Walks & Hits / Innings Pitched)
Strikeouts (S)

Comparing your accumulated statistics over the course of a season against the other teams in your league results in points awarded for each of the 10 categories. For example, in a 12 team league if your team has the most home runs you have 12 points in that specific category, and if you have the least you have 1 point. By adding your total points in all 10 categories then provides an overall number of points and a team rank in the overall standings.

Note: Pitchers do not accumulate hitting statistics.

FANTASY BASEBALL POSITION QUALIFICATION: A player must play at a position 10x the previous year or 5x the current year to qualify at a position. CBS sports issues new MLB players position based on their minor league career.

AL/NL ONLY LEAGUES: After your off season keeper list has been submitted (or draft day in first year leagues), if your player is traded to the 'other league' you can keep him and continue to accumulate his statistics for the remainder of the year.

FANTASY BASEBALL TRADES: Trades must be made utilizing CBS sports high tech draft software.

FANTASY BASEBALL FREE AGENTS: Free agent will be issued twice weekly, each Wednesday and Saturday night. Each team will be given unlimited free agent pickups per week. Note that you must choose multiple players to drop if you wish multiple players issued.

Wednesday Nights order of free agent pickups will be last place team to 1st place team.
Saturday nights waiver draft order is based Wednesdays pickups. Waiver draft order requires that when you pick up a player on Wednesday night, you go to the bottom of the list on Saturday night. In essence, those teams that do not make picks on Wednesday night, will find themselves with the higher draft picks on Saturday night.

FANTASY BASEBALL ROSTERS: Each week you will be able to activate players from your reserve squad and reserve players that are active.

Note: Each team is obligated to play their best lineup and the "strategy" of playing for a lower draft position in keeper leagues is considered an illegal lineup.

FANTASY BASEBALL WEBSITE and STATISTICS: CBS sports has been voted the "Best League Commissioner Software" for the last 8 years by the Fantasy Sports Trade Association. Simply put, this site has everything you could possibly want in a Fantasy Baseball Website. Standings and player information is updated every 45 seconds as we have Live Feed. Enjoy daily updates on injury reports, free agent availability, statistics, and much more.



The Biggest Payout in Fantasy Baseball



14 Team

12 Team

10 Team
Entry Fee 1st Team -> $150 $175 $190
1st Team % Payout -> 59% 60% 64%
2nd Team (Save $10)--> $140 $165 $180
2nd Team % Payout -> 63% 64% 68%

3rd Team (Save $20)-->

$130 $155 $170

3rd Team % Payout ->

68% 69% 72%

Winning Positions

1st Place = $600
(or) $500 +  
45" Championship Trophy
2nd Place = $225 
3rd Place = Free Team 
4th Place = $100
5th Place = $50
6th Place = $50 $25  
Number of Prizes = 6 Prizes & Championship Trophy
Trophies have $150 Value

LEAGUE TROPHIES: Check out our fantasy baseball League Trophies.
They average 44" tall and are awesome.

LEAGUE DEPOSIT: New League Members are required to pay a one year league deposit. The league deposit will be put toward the final year of the 5 year keeper league.

COMMISSIONER: The commissioner reserves the right to veto any trade deemed too lopsided or detrimental to the integrity of the league. No collusion of any type will be tolerated. Management reserves the right to disqualify a team owner and league fees will not be returned consequently.

CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: At Fantasy Sports "R" Us, we are committed to providing you with the most friendly and reliable customer service you will ever enjoy. We are always available to you and will strive to make this the most enjoyable baseball season you have ever experienced.

At Fantasy Sports R Us you get
"Fantasy Baseball Done Right!"

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