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Fantasy Basketball Rotisserie League Rules
No Transaction Fees

You are also welcome to review our Head to Head Fantasy Basketball Rules

FANTASY BASKETBALL: FSRU fantasy basketball leagues will keep you on the edge of your seat for the entire NBA season.  As the GM you will draft your team; as the coach you'll decide who to start, and who rides the bench; and as the owner your success will result in the Super Prize Cash Payout that separates FSRU from every other Fantasy Sports Game. From the statistics package, the sports links, the price and the payout, every aspect of the Game was prepared to provide the team owner with the ultimate enjoyment! An incredible fantasy basketball experience!

SNAKE DRAFT: All FSRU live drafts are held right in your own league utilizing advanced draft software.
New league drafts are conducted in a snake, or serpentine, draft format with the draft order reversing each round (1-14,14-1).
Draft order is determined by using CBSsports random order generator.
Supplemental drafts beginning in year two are non-serpentine (1-14, 1-14, 1-14, etc.).
Click for a list of Draft Dates or see them on the homepage.

KEEPER LEAGUE REDRAFT: After 5 years a keeper league will completely redraft.
Redrafts will be serpentine (1-14, 14-1, 1-14, etc).
There will be no keepers in a redraft year as all players are available. Random draft order will be utilized in redraft years.
Each established leagues, the redraft year is listed on the
League Winners page.

FANTASY BASKETBALL TEAMS: Each league will be made up of 12 or 14 teams and each team will be made up of 17 players. Each week you will activate 11 players: Four (4) Guards, Four (4) Forwards, One (1) Center, and Two (2) Utility Players. The remaining six (6) players will be your Reserve Squad and can be drafted for any position. During the draft you can choose the active and reserve squads in any order you deem necessary.

FANTASY BASKETBALL KEEPER LEAGUES: At end of year, team owners will protect 8 players and a 9 player draft will be held.

KEEPER LEAGUE OFFSEASON: Once the National Basketball Association season ends, if your team is paid for the following season, you can trade with other teams paid for the next season throughout the off-season. So our team owners can trade all year long.

HOW TO WIN at ROTISSERIE FANTASY BASKETBALL: There are 10 equally weighted categories that get you points. Points are awarded in each of the 10 categories based on your standings compared to the other league teams. Your points are then added together to give you Total Points, which provide you a ranking versus the other league teams. Here are the 10 categories:

1.   Three Point Field Goals (3PG)
2.   Points Scored (Pts)
3.   Field Goal (FG%)
4.   Free Throw Percentage (FT%)
5.   Steals (Stl)
6.   Assists (Ast)
7.   Blocked Shots (Blk)
8.   Turnovers (TO)
9.   Total Rebounds (TRb)
10. Minutes (Min)

FANTASY BASKETBALL TRADES: Trades are made utilizing the sites advanced trade software. All trades are commissioner reviewed. Trades will not be made retroactive and if you make an unbalanced trade and acquire an extra player, you must release a player.

FANTASY BASKETBALL FREE AGENTS: The weekly order of free agent pickups will be last place team to 1st place team as of previous Sunday. Each team will be given unlimited free agent pickups per week and it is recommended you provide a number of pickups just in case the lower teams choose the player(s) you prefer.

FANTASY BASKETBALL ROSTERS: Each week you will be able to activate players from your reserve squad and reserve players that are active. Please note that each team is obligated to play their best lineup and the "strategy" of playing for a lower draft position in keeper leagues is considered an illegal lineup.

14 Team Fantasy Basketball Team is only $150.
12 Team Fantasy Basketball Team is only $175.

There are no transaction or other type of fees at Fantasy Sports R Us.

The price for a 2nd team is discounted $10. Each additional team is discounted $20 per team.

  Fantasy Basketball Leagues


14 Team

12 Team

Entry Fee 1st Team -> $150 $175
1st Team % Payout -> 57% 58%
2nd Team (Save $10)--> $140 $165
2nd Team % Payout -> 61% 61%

3rd Team (Save $20)-->

$130 $155

3rd Team % Payout ->

66% 66%

Winning Positions

1st Place = $500
1st Place Trophy
(or $100)
2nd Place = $225
3rd Place = Free Team 
4th Place = $100
5th Place = $75
Number of Prizes = 5 Prizes 1 Trophies
 There is a one-time keeper league
deposit of $50 which is only collected
during prize payout from the top two teams.
Trophies have $150 Value

LEAGUE TROPHIES: Check out our fantasy basketball
League Trophies. These trophies average over 40" tall and are awesome.

Trophy Payout: A $100 cash payout is offered on trophies. While value is $150, we do not payout on shipping and handling costs.

LEAGUE DEPOSIT: New League Members are required to pay a one year league deposit. The league deposit will be put toward the final year of the 5 year keeper league.

COMMISSIONER: The commissioner reserves the right to veto any trade deemed too lopsided or detrimental to the integrity of the league. No collusion of any type will tolerated and management reserves the right to disqualify. League fees will not be returned consequently.

CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: At FSRU we are committed to providing you with the most friendly and reliable customer service you will ever enjoy. We will strive to make this the most exciting basketball season you have ever experienced.

At Fantasy Sports R Us we are dedicated to ensuring you get
"Fantasy Basketball Done Right!"

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