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From May to August our new league information is listed right on the Homepage. In other months, you can see future fantasy football drafts on the Draft Dates page.

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HEAD TO HEAD FANTASY FOOTBALL INTRODUCTION: Are you ready to be the General Manager, Coach, and Owner of your own NFL team? As the GM you will draft your team; as the coach you'll decide who to start, and who rides the bench; and as the owner your success will result in the Super Prize Payout that separates Fantasy Football league site. From the statistics package, the sports links, the price and the payout, every aspect of this game was prepared to provide the ultimate fantasy football experience!

FANTASY FOOTBALL DRAFT: FSRU drafts are held online utilizing each leagues online automated automated software. You only click the player, click the position you are putting him at and he goes off the roster board and on your team. As soon as you enter the league your draft position will be displayed on the rules page.

STANDARD SNAKE DRAFT Rules: All Leagues are snake draft except those noted as auction draft. New league drafts are serpentine (1-12, 12-1,1-12, etc) and the draft order is generated randomly. For the next four years, 12 round supplemental drafts are non-serpentine giving the edge to the lower standing regular season team of the year before each round (12-1, 12-1, 12-1).

EXTENDED DRAFT Rules (clearly stated): Unless a league is clearly marked "Extended League Draft" it can be assumed that it is "all in one day." An extended league draft is a snake draft, except in this case each team owner will have 6 hours to make a pick, rather than 120 seconds. The clock will be off from 12am Midnight to 6am. The draft robot will automatically make a pick for an owner who does not submit a pick before the time limit expires.

AUCTION DRAFT Rules (clearly stated): In random order, each team gets a chance to put a player up for bid. Each Team owner will begin with 200 dollars to choose an 20 player active and reserve squad during the draft. Player minimum salary is $1. Once the draft is over, you are not restricted by a salary cap. When you pick up a player via free agency his starting salary is $7.  In an auction fantasy football league there are unlimited keepers, but to keep a player the following year you must give the player a $3 increase. Each team is limited to a salary cap of $250 once the season begins.

SCHEDULE: A random generated schedule will have each team playing one regular season game each week, for a total of 13, against opponents and get a win, a loss, or a tie. The playoffs will begin in week 14.

KEEPER LEAGUE REDRAFT: While these are keeper leagues, we believe drafting a team from scratch is an integral part of the fantasy football experience. After 5 years, a keeper league will completely redraft and the league will be, for all intents and purposes, a new league. New and redraft leagues will be serpentine (1-12, 12-1, 1-12, etc). There will be no keepers in a redraft year as all players are available. As in new leagues, a random draft order will be generated utilizing software built into the leagues.

FANTASY FOOTBALL TEAMS: Each league will be made up of 12 teams. Each team will be made up of 20 players. Each week you will activate 9 players:
1- Quarter Back (QB)
1- Tight End (TE)
1- Running Back (RB)
2- Running Back/Wide Receiver (RB/WR)
1- Wide Receiver (WR)
1- Kicker (K)
1- Team Defense/Special Teams (TDSP)
1- Flex (QB, RB, WR, TE)
The remaining 11 players will be your reserve squad.

Note: During the draft you can choose the first weeks active and reserve players in any order you prefer.
Note: Concerning Running Backs and Wide Receivers, depending on your roster strength you can activate: 2 RB and 2WR; 3 RB and 1 WR; or 1 RB and 3 WR.

FANTASY FOOTBALL TRADES: Trades are made utilizing the websites automated software. Commissioner notification of a trade must occur no later than Midnight on Saturday Night or your transaction may not be processed in time for that weeks Sunday games. Trades will not be made retroactive and if you make an unbalanced trade and acquire an extra player, you must release a player to ensure your roster does not go over 18. Trading will end two weeks prior to the end of the regular season. Off season trading begins immediately following the playoffs.

New Leagues are located on the Draft Dates page or you can purchase a Team for Sale. Each established leagues redraft year is available on the League Winners page. We believe drafting a team from scratch is an integral part of the fantasy football experience.

FANTASY FOOTBALL KEEPER LEAGUES: Teams in fantasy football keeper leagues will be able to protect 8 players from the previous year and there will be a 10 round supplemental draft to complete rosters at the beginning of each season. Following the initial draft of a league, the supplemental 10 round drafts will be non-serpentine, last team to first (ie.12-1,12-1,etc).

KEEPER LEAGUE OFF SEASON: Once the fantasy football playoffs are over, if your team is paid for the following season, you can trade with other teams paid for the next season throughout the off-season. So our team owners can trade all year long.

FANTASY FOOTBALL FREE AGENTS: Free agent will be issued twice weekly, each Wednesday and Saturday Night, utilizing CBS Commissioners high tech free agent issuance software built into the website. You should have players chosen by midnight the night prior to issuance. Note that you must choose multiple players to drop if you wish multiple players issued. Free Agent pickups are available throughout the 13 week regular season as well as the playoffs. Each team will be given unlimited free agent pickups per week.

Wednesday Nights order of free agent pickups will be last place team to 1st place team.
Saturday nights waiver draft order is based Wednesdays pickups. Waiver draft order requires that when you pick up a player on Wednesday night, you go to the bottom of the list on Saturday night. In essence, those teams that do not make picks on Wednesday night, will find themselves with the higher draft picks on Saturday night.

FANTASY FOOTBALL ROSTERS: Each week you will be able to activate players from your reserve squad and reserve players that are active. Reserving an injured player or activating a new free agent you just picked up could make a big difference on your team. Activating players is done utilizing the sites automated software and must be done 10 minutes prior to gametime. Each team is required to activate their best lineup weekly.

FANTASY FOOTBALL HEAD TO HEAD SCORING: You get points for passing, rushing, receiving, kicking and defense. 
Your team PLAYS against another team to get a Win a Loss (or in rare cases a tie) each week. The last three weeks of the NFL regular season make up the FSRU Fantasy Football Playoffs. Your teams position in the standings will be based on team won/loss record.

In regular season games: There are no tiebreakers, regular season games will end in a tie.

In determining regular season playoff standings:
The 1st tiebreaker is points scored.
The 2nd tiebreaker is head to head between the teams.
The 3rd tiebreaker is points scored against (schedule difficulty). 

In the first two rounds of the playoffs there a tiebreaker system is in effect if both team scores end in tie:
The 1st tiebreaker is highest score of the reserve players of each team.
The 2nd tiebreaker is highest score by an active individual player (or TDST).

In the Super Bowl, in the case of tie, the game will end in a tie with Co-Champions.

In week 14: Super Bowl Playoff; #1 vs #8, #2 vs #7, #3 vs #6, #4 vs #5.
In week 15: Super Bowl Playoff; Highest remaining seed plays lowest remaining seed, next highest seed plays next lowest remaining seed.
In week 16: Super Bowl Championship Game; Remaining two teams play for the Super Bowl Championship

Cost of a fantasy football team in a 12 team league is only $175 (62% prize payout). The price for a second team is $165 (66% prize payout) and each additional team is $155 (70% prize payout). There are no transaction or other fees at Fantasy Sports R Us. Awards The Biggest Payout in Fantasy Football and distributes an unparalleled prize payout no one in Fantasy Football is even coming close to matching. Beginning in 2016 we have gone to a new system of payouts which includes regular and playoff season payouts, rather than just payouts based on the playoffs.

The Biggest Payout in Fantasy Football

  Fantasy Football Leagues


12 Team

Entry Fee 1st Team --> $175
1st Team % Payout --> 63%
2nd Team (Save $10)--> $165
2nd Team % Payout --> 66%

3rd Team (Save $20)-->


3rd Team % Payout -->


Winning Positions

(Playoff) Championship = $350
(Playoff) Runner-Up = Free Team ($175 Value)
(Regular Season) 1st Place = $250
(Regular Season) 2nd Place = $175
(Regular Season) 3rd Place = $125
(Regular Season) 4th Place = $100
(Regular Season) 5th Place = $50
(Regular Season) 6th Place = $50
Number of Prizes = 8 Prizes, 1 Trophy
  Trophies have $150 Value. 

LEAGUE TROPHIES: League Champions and Regular Season Winners are eligible to purchase our trophies at a cost of $100. Our trophies are GREAT! We took something cool and we made it outrageous. Check out our fantasy football League Trophies.

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COMMISSIONER: The commissioner reserves the right to veto any trade deemed too lopsided or detrimental to the integrity of the league. No collusion of any type will tolerated and management reserves the right to disqualify. League fees will not be returned consequently.

LEAGUE DEPOSIT: New League Members will be required to pay a one year league deposit. The league deposit will be put toward the final year of the 5 year keeper league.

CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: At Fantasy Sports R Us we are committed to providing you with the most friendly and reliable customer service you will ever enjoy. We will strive to make this the most exciting football season you have ever experienced. And if you still need answers after all of the above, just give us a call. We answer the phone 11am-11pm, 7 days a week, at 917-379-3208. Welcome to Real Customer Service. Welcome to FSRU!