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These are well known players that will be targeted by many at your draft. These guys are likely going to start for their respective teams and will not see the minor leagues. While most will go in the middle rounds, Wil Myers could go earlier and can be considered a keeper in some formats.

Birthdate: 12/10/1990

Myers is rated #3 Prospect by
Myers is rated #3 Prospect by

Outfielder William Bradford "Wil" Myers was ranked the No. 19 prospect heading into the 2012 season by and then put in a ridiculous minor league season. He rolled up the kind of minor league numbers we like to see for promotion to the majors with a .314 BA, 37 HR’s, and 109 RBI’s primarily with the AAA Omaha Storm Chasers.

He rode that success to being named Baseball America Minor League Player of the Year, and Topps Minor League Player of the Year, and pounded his way to a MLB starting position on Kansas City’s 2013 Opening Day lineup in place of the failing Francoeur. This will make him a hot commodity in drafts and the only prospect on an MLB roster actually worthy of a keeper league spot if you already have him on your roster. 

Birthdate: 2/12/1986

Third Basemen Todd Frazier got 422 at bats in 2012 and had a .273 Batting Average with 19 HR's and 67 RBI's. But in 2013, whether Scott Rolen retires or not, the 27 year old Frazier will start and should get his 500 at bats.

While we wont give him a top 10 third basemen cheat sheet listing, he will more than hold his middle round draft position worth and could have some real nice upside.

Birthdate: 4/22/1988

Shortstop Dee Gordon went into 2012 as with big expectations coming off a 2011 season where he put up a .305 BA and stole 24 bases in 224 AB's. In 2012, he batted .228, he got injured, he lost his starting job, we all learned that he could not steal first base, and he pretty much just stunk it up.

Gordon goes into 2013 as only 24 years old, he still managed to steal 32 bases in that aweful 2012 season. He has the tools and can start if he can find his earlier ability. This kid still hasa  great future in front of him.

If he produces in spring training and is annointed again with the starters job, he's gonna warrant a lower middle round pick, he will have upside, and you can strike it up to the sophmore jinx. But if he struggles in the spring, or looks like he is gonna come off the bench, give him a late round flyer till he can find a way to put the bloom back on the rose.

Birthdate: 9/09/1988

Lets get this straight right off the bat. Will Middlebrooks has already shown himself to be far to valuable to be on this or any other "sleepers" list. He is a known player and clearly a better choice than the unproven, albeit extremely talented, Myers.

Lets just look at his limited 2012 numbers:

2012 numbers in MLB: 267 AB's, .288, 15 HR's, 54 RBI's, 34 Runs, 4 SB's

Now lets all, in unison, laugh at the writers who try to explain to you why this guy will fly under the radar. Goodbye Youkilis, we will remember you fondly with the Red Sox.

These are known players that will likely be targeted by a handful of team owners at your draft. Most will go in the middle to late rounds.

Birthdate: 2/20/1993

Profar is rated #1 Prospect by
Profar is rated #1 Prospect by

Will he even be in the majors in the majors in 2013? Possibly. But you may have to wait on him for a starting job. But he is a keeper league dream as a 20 year old top shortstop prospect. Profar has a deep history of success, how deep you ask? Well, Profar participated in both the 2004 (Won) and 2005 (Lost) Little League World Series playing for the Pabao Little League team from Willemstad, Curaçao.

In 2011, He finished the season with the Hickory Crawdads hitting.286, 12 HR’s, 65 RBI’s and was named the South Atlantic League MVP. At 19 years old, he was called to the majors as the youngest player on an MLB team and as the backup shortstop on August 31st, 2012. The next day in his first at bat, as a pinch hitter, he drove a 388 foot home run against Zach McAllister of the Indians.

Profar has zero chance of unseating Elvis Andrus as the starting shortstop, nor will give Ian Kinsler reason to worry, so a starting job is decisively blocked going into 2013. With Josh Hamilton likely on his way to another team as a free agent in the offseason, it is possible that either Andrus or Kinsler could find their way to the outfield opening up a starting position. Texas is not going to sit a 20 year old jewel of their minor league system on the edge of the bench, so his 2013 emergence is dependent on the availability of a starting job. Follow him in the off season and look for him late in your draft.

Birthdate: 2/20/1985

Despite the fact that we prefer to not tout non closer relief pitchers as they have a long history of inconsistency. In this case we will break our own unwritten rule. Relief Pitcher Vinnie Pestano has put up two very impressive seasons in a row. Far better than the Indians closer Chris Perez in fact.

Lets just look at the numbers:

2011: 62 IP, 1 Win- 2 Losses, 2.32 ERA, 84 SO, 2 Saves, 1.04 Whip

2012: 70 IP, 3 Wins-3 Losses, 2.57 ERA, 76 SO, 2 Saves, 1.10 Whip

He also quite cheap at $414,100 salary in 2011, $491,200 in 2012, and he isnt even eligible for arbitration till 2015. When you factor in that Perez has become an Indians embarrassment with criticism of management, it is hard to see this guy not getting the closers job for the Indians sooner, rather than later.

Birthdate: 12/06/1988

In 2013, Eaton is a likely candidate to find his way into the starting outfield with Chris Young wearing out his welcome and Justin Upton in every other trade rumor out of Arizona. Despite his smallish stature at only 5' 8", the kid can run, and he will deserve a roster spot if he gets in the lineup.

Lets just look at the 2012 numbers:

2012 numbers in AAA: 528 AB's, .379, 7 HR's, 48 RBI's, 130 Runs, 44 SB's

2012 numbers in MLB: 85 AB's, .259, 2 HR's, 5 RBI's, 19 Runs, 2 SB's

This guy is made for the leadoff position and it is quite likely he is going to get it in 2013. He won't be as dominant as Wil Myers, but he will be good. So pay attention in spring training to better judge whether he is a late middle round, or a very late round pick.

These are players that are worth drafting in the final rounds of your draft. In some cases, what happens in the offseason or in spring training could increase thier worth. Most will go in the late rounds.

Birthdate: 6/19/1992

Taveras is rated #2 Prospect by

Taveras will spend much of 2013 in AAA and may a cup of coffee with the big club in 2013, but he may not stick around long enough to put cream in it. But with an older Beltran and a injury prone Craig Allen, he may push that timeline a bit. But whether it be this year or next, Taveras is going to feast at some point although it will likely be in 2014.

Lets just look at Taveras minor league numbers:

2011 In Quad Cities (Level A): 308 AB's, .386 BA, 8 HR's, 62 RBI's, 1 SB

2012 In Sprinfield (Level AA): 477 AB's, .321 BA, 23 HR's, 94 RBI's, 10 SB

Taveras is a keeper league sleeper and will be a much hotter commodity around the all star break. But if you dont pick him up late in the draft you may find him on a roster by the time he gets in the game. Grab him late and stash him on reserves or someone else will.

Birthdate: 1/17/1991

Bauer is rated #5 Prospect by

Trevor Bauer is wild. He brings lots of K's, and too many walks. He has lots of potential and upside, but he is also one of those pitchers that could never reach any of it. Despite that, he is likely the best pitching prospect in the minors and he has a 50/50 chance of making the big club.

Lets just look at the numbers:

2012 in Minors: 130.1 IP, 12 Win- 2 Losses, 2.42 ERA, 157 SO, 1.29 Whip

2012 in MLB: 16.1 IP, 1 Wins-2 Losses, 6.06 ERA, 17 SO, 1.67 Whip

In 2012, Bauer walked 61 batters in the minors in 130.1 innings, primarily with the AAA Reno Aces. With the Diamondbacks, he walked 13 batters in 16.1 innings. Thats not going to get it done in the big leagues. But he is very young, and we need to see more. Also keep this in mind, if he makes the big club, he may not necessarily help your fantasy team in 2013. Proceed with caution.

Birthdate: 9/25/1987

OK, we realize we needed a bounceback pitching candidate and here he is- Vance Worley. He had a very solid 2011, and followed that up with a stinko 2012 and off season elbow surgery.

Lets just look at the numbers he posted with the Phillies:

2011: 131.2 IP, 11 Win-3 Losses, 3.01 ERA, 119 SO, 1.23 Whip

2012: 133 IP, 6 Wins-9 Losses, 4.20 ERA, 107 SO, 1.51 Whip

I think we can expect numbers somewhere in between. Good enough for your last pick on draft day, but probably not any earlier if your playing mixed league. He is currently slated as the 5th starter on the Phils, but make sure he does not lose his starting job to Tyler Cloyd in spring training, or a free agent acquisition, or he would not even warrant that last pick.