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by Todd Lammi

Todd was named to the FSRU Hall of Fame in 2005 and has since opened one of the better known fantasy baseball blogs on the net. He is just one of FSRU's industry success stories.

One of the overlooked facets of drafting your fantasy baseball team or buying a team through an auction format is looking for players that qualify at multiple positions throughout the fantasy baseball season. There are several different reasons why having a few of these players on your roster is a good idea and here is why:

1. It makes it easier to deal with injuries – injuries are always going to come up during the fantasy baseball season no matter how many consecutive seasons a player has played without hitting the disabled list. Having a player that can play multiple positions makes it easier to cover up for injuries.

2. It helps with free agency – if you have say an infielder that qualifies at second base and shortstop , now you need a middle infielder now instead of just a second basemen or a shortstop, it gives you a much wider pool to pick from in free agency each week.

3. It helps with trading – this works in combination with free agency as making unbalanced trades where you may need to pick up additional players from the waiver wire gives you more flexibility in fielding a team when you have players that qualify at multiple positions.

The most important factor in taking advantage of these types of players is to know the rules of your fantasy baseball league and to know what the league threshold is. For example, at, the minimum games played from the previous season are 10 games or five games in the current season. This becomes important on draft day as some leagues have 10 game minimums and others may have 20 games and if you are playing in several leagues, it can be confusing to keep them all straight.

One thing I do with my cheat sheets is to color code them for certain players to make it easy to find them during the draft. For example, players that qualify at more than one position I may highlight red in order to be able to spot them easily when it is my turn to pick. With most online fantasy baseball leagues having a draft clock, you don’t want to waste time paging through a fantasy baseball magazine trying to determine how many games a guy played at second base in 2011.

If you are using fantasy baseball tiers for your ranking system, I am willing to go down to the next tier to grab a guy that plays two positions instead of one if they are relatively close in value. My past experience has taught me that these players are valuable during the season as injuries and changes in playing time occur.

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