Fantasy Sports R Us hosts prize fantasy leagues. Like most sites, our primary prize is money. But along with that wad of cash, comes a gorgeous trophy to the league winner. 

Depending on the fantasy sports league you are in, you will win one of the trophies listed below. We mix up the columns and figurines so you really dont know what you are getting. But one thing is for sure, if you win one, you will be absolutely thrilled when you see it.

These trophies are spare no expense, ready for display, and personally engraved to you. We send out 22" trophies in head to head fantasy baseball. Athough our 22" trophies are very nice, if we get an owner that wins more than one trophy, we usually upgrade both trophies.

In rotisserie fantasy baseball, fantasy football and fantasy basketball, the league winners all get the bigger trophies.

In roto baseball, most league winners get the 45" baseball bat trophy if you have never won a league before. After that first one, we mix it up a bit.

If you just won your first Rotisserie Fantasy Baseball league or the World Series in Head to Head Fantasy Baseball, get ready, as this gorgeous trophy is likely on its way to you.

This trophy style is sent out for fantasy baseball, fantasy football and fantasy basketball. This is a favorite fantasy football trophy although the below trophy is shown in baseball.

Although we are displaying the below trophy in the basketball style, this trophy comes in baseball, football and basketball and is sent out for fantasy football, fantasy basketball and rotisserie baseball.

While slightly shorter than some of the others, this trophy is just stunning. In this case, bigger is not always better.


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A full three feet tall, this trophy style is sent out for fantasy baseball, fantasy basketball, and fantasy football league winners.

This 22" trophy will be issued to each of the two half season winners in DOUBLE PLAY Double Play Fantasy Baseball. This is a new game that will be introduced in 2014.

Please note that we do not use the column shown and we only use figurines which reflect the sport, but you get the idea.

Although we are displaying the below trophy in one of the basketball styles, this trophy comes in fantasy baseball, fantasy football and fantasy basketball.