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This is my first year at FSRU and it's the best online fantasy experience that I've had to date. The service is spot-on, the competition is solid, trading partners have been reasonable and the host website is very user-friendly w lots of good fantasy advice. FSRU, keep up the great work!
Barry Freeman, West Hills, CA

Best fantasy league I have ever been in.This is my first year and I have already added two teams for next year.FSRU knows how to run there leagues. Thanks for all the great customer service.
Tim Goetz, Ft. Wayne, IN

Great product and strong leadership.
Brad Baker, Redding, CA

You name a keeper league site, I probably played with them over the last 15 years. This is the only site where the commissioner is not playing teams in the league, or trading with a team. Its the fairest and best setup place to play. I love FSRU. Do yourself a favor and play here.
Fernando Louis, Spokane, WA

I have finally found a place where idiotic trades are voided. After a series of bad sites, gotta tell you this one is great. I understand how you guys grew so big so quickly. My brother is joining me in a new league next season as I add a team.
Thomas Burso, Indianapolis, IN

I am really enjoying my first year on the site. Nothing but good things to say.
Kyle Serotcha, San Francisco, CA

I liked what I read on a blog and wanted to play fsru. I have been looking at playing here since last year but I came in too late to get into a mixed auction league. I am glad I remembered to get in earlier this year as it has really been a great experience. Probably the best fantasy baseball experience I had in a long time.
Armend Geiger, Denver CO

It is so freaking cold here I could slit my throat and freeze standing up. All I have to kill time after work is fantasy baseball and fantasy football. I am totally addicted. After this year, I am quitting all my other leagues, and just focusing my attention on FSRU leagues.
Lande Francisco, Hartford CN

I love your game and format and I am with you for life.
John Kassab, Altoona PA

I received my 3 trophies and they are absolutely INCREDIBLE...My son has stolen 2 of them for his room :) It was very nice of you to make all three of them different. Thank You. This is a 1st class league with the money and trophies both coming so quickly after the season....I just wanted to express my thanks and to let everyone know how prompt and how incredible the trophies are!!!!
Bryan Bradley, Lunenburg MA

I have really enjoyed my first season with FSRU. I will be bringing back all of my 5 current teams and I have also purchased a team in the new Indianapolis Indians league. I will also be buying 1 or 2 more teams for the 2013 season.
Steve Forst, Manhattan NY

I am entering my 5th season with FSRU and have three teams. The leagues are competitive with savvy owners and are run very well. The CBSSports format is extremely easy to navigate. Communication from the Commissioner is outstanding - it's an added bonus to have an actual person available to promptly answer questions and address any concerns. Highly recommended.
Ted Deckers, San Clemente CA

I have played leagues where we drafted in a chat room, and that was horrible as a lot of guys draft sheets got messed up and they kept picking players chosen rounds earlier. I have played a league where a whole bunch of teams all had the same three quarterbacks, Drew Brees, Peyton Manning and Tom Brady, and that was horrible. You guys seem to have captured the true essence of fantasy football.
Glen O'Mara, Seattle WA

These are the best commissionered and professionally operated leagues I have ever played in. Being able to pick up the phone and talk to the commissioner as well as send emails is a personal touch few businesses still offer. I am here for life.
Bob Royster, Shreveport LA

I played a league two years ago where there was obvious collusion, or flat out bad players. Silly trades that make no sense whatsoever occur with consistency, especially between two guys who obviously knew each other and the commissioner was so bad he just justified putting every trade through the entire season. I have seen bad trades submitted in your leagues too. The only difference being that you guys void those trades and then notify the league members of the trade submitted, and voided. It is a no nonsense approach which I appreciate and will keep me playing for years to come.
David Klein, Detroit MI

I absolutely love fantasy baseball, but some of the leagues I played that did not have free transactions got very expensive and I felt I had to consider the cost in anything I did. Your game is the best. No hidden fees. Love this site.
Lester Greenberg, Greensboro NC

Your leagues are completely addictive. I cannot believe how much enjoyment my wife and I got out of it. She rooted for my team all year long, but I think my mouth got me in trouble the night before my Super Bowl game and she tricked me into promising her a long overdue vacation if I lost. I just booked Cancun. LOL.
Stanley Howard, Tucson AZ

I had never played a keeper league before your leagues and was not at all sure I would like it. But getting to compete against the same guys past the single season has been much more enjoyable than I expected. The trash talk is part of the fun for me and I never saw as much in one year leagues. I now really like the idea of being able to build a team. I have found the thinking process that goes into trading deeper and much more indicative of a true General Manager.
Frank Barry, Cleveland, OH

I just wanted to thank you for the incredible trophy and mugs I received, truly amazing. Thank you so much and God Bless, Jd.
Jeff Dorfman, Cave Creek TX

I have been with FSRU for five years and currently have more than a dozen teams. Whether you are interested in standard roto format, head to head or auction leagues FSRU has a league for you. My favorite are the AL/NL only roto leagues. Great competitors, super commish and altogether a great experience.
Fred Wexler, Plymouth MA

Thank you very much for the trophies. They came yesterday and they look great!
Ben Brunton, Surprise TX

Just wanted to let you know that I am really enjoying the angels baseball league, and just signed up for the packers football league. Great Site.
Liam Kemp, Edmonton Canada

I just wanted to take the time to tell you that the trophy from last season was awesome. Very nice!! I had a blast and am looking forward to this season. Great site, great leagues, thanks for all your hard work.
Doug Riddell, Punta Gorda FL

The best thing about this site is the commissionering. I had personally grown tired of the end of year challenge to make the most rediculous trades in keeper leagues. I also watched many of those keeper leagues quickly fold. Incompetent commissioners kill keeper leagues. Its no wonder this site has never folded a keeper league.
Joe Hunter, Denver Col

Having played a few one year head to head sites, I decided last year that I wanted to join a keeper league. I researched payouts and game choices and I was confident that FSRU was the best choice of the sites offering this service. But I honestly never realized how much fun it is to trade throughout the offseason. The keeper format has kept me trading throughout the offseason and that has kept me interested in baseball all year. I love this.
Jake Steubing, Des Moines IA

I have found FSRU fantasy leagues competitive, social and professionally run. They are very well operated and I have played them all. I highly recommend them for the serious hobbyist.
Henry Tomko, South Brunswick NJ

Being a fantasy whatever sport nut and having tried just about every possible league there is, I can honestly say that FSRU is without question the best. One reason is the big cash payout for winning and also 2nd, 3rd and 4th place prizes. You also have to love the personal touch that this site adds as opposed to some sites where you get generic auto responses to your questions. I would recommend to anyone to join an FSRU keeper league so they can enjoy playing for the next 10 years with a great group of guys.
Jack D'Ignoti, Elmont NY

You know whats amazing, in my three years on the site I dont think a single owner has left either league. Maybe one owner in one of the leagues let his team be put up for sale. The site I played on before this one I played 4 keeper teams in 3 years and only saw one league actually continue to the second year.
Levon Chandler, Burlington VT

I think the options have gotten pretty poor as the huge websites get so many players and they simply cannot commissioner the leagues fairly, or even reasonably. I think because this site understands how to commissioner the game, it is just so much better for the league members. After playing here for 3 years, I think it would be really hard to go back to chaos.
Alex Saltere, Washington DC

I think FSRU has the best fantasy football scoring system I have ever seen. You guys got away from only providing points when a player scores a TD and managed to find a way for QB's, RB's, and WR's to score as they produce rather than one position dominating all others. I have years of experience playing leagues where the top 15 players drafted are RB's and yours is a much better game. Nicely done.
Louis Furlough, Columbia MD

I really believe that FSRU is the best option for fantasy sports. The leagues are very competitive. The scoring setup is the best I have seen in fantasy sports and the upkeep of the site and the leagues is fantastic. No other service can compete.
Ernest Montoya, Las Vegas NV

This will be my third year in a FSRU fantasy baseball leagues. Last year I also joined a Fantasy Football League. I believe that FSRU fantasy sports is a great place to play.
Jim Leahey, Queens NY

As a new member of the Pittsburgh Pirates league I have enjoyed a tremendous year. My first year I did not know what to expect but I was quite pleased. I found the league to be well run with very knowledgeable and competitive owners. The web site has all the information at your fingertips from latest player news, opponent rosters, transactions within the league, free agent stats, I could go on and on! I am looking forward to next year!
Eric David, Boca Raton FL

This site has a great group of guys in both of my leagues which make them really alot of fun. It is great to win, but I had probably even more fun last year building my teams for this year.
Don Lane, Brentwood NH

Thanks for another great year! I thoroughly enjoy playing in FSRU leagues. I know the job is not easy, because you must deal with difficult persons at times. But, in the many years I have played with FSRU, I have found that decisions are designed with the best interest of the league in mind. I truly appreciate that and look forward to many, many more years playing fantasy football at FSRU.
Scott E. Turner, Esq., Albuquerque NM

I have been playing FSRU fantasy games for the past 3 years and have enjoyed great service. The site does a tremendous job of over seeing trades to make sure leagues stay competitively balanced. And unlike some of the other fantasy services out there where commissioners take over teams for sale and make trades, you will not find that at Best of all, all payouts and trophies are always sent in a timely manner once the season has ended.
Todd Lammi, Austin TX

Just wanted everyone interested in fantasy sports to know that there is a great site for you at I own 2 baseball teams in keeper leagues and 1 football keeper team and thoroughly enjoy the competition. The live stats keep you in the action as it happens. The site is run very well with all the info you could ask for. If you love fantasy sports, you'll love
Gary R. Haroutunian, Toronto Canada

I've been playing fantasy sports for 20 years. FSRU is the only pay service I use. Leagues are run fairly and in a very professional manner. Service is ALWAYS quick.
Scott Dunbar, Boston MA

The FSRU Head to Head leagues that I have been in for three years. The head to head is the most unique format I have seen in twenty years of fantasy baseball. O yea, No transaction fees ain't bad either!
Mike Mazeika, Columbus OH

Just wanted to write you a few words on how much I've enjoyed my experience playing fantasy sports at FSRU. I've played 3 years of fantasy baseball here and it's run first class all the way. Any issue that comes up is resolved quickly and fairly. I'd recommend anyone who is looking for a fun, fair, and competitively priced league to join FSRU.
David Whitford, Seattle WA

You will never find better leagues than this anywhere. Quick payouts, fairly run, fast service. I give the site my highest recommendation.
Wayne March, New York NY

I wanted to Thank You for taking the time to answer all my questions and help me understand how to play FSRU baseball. As a retiree I enjoyed filling up much of my free time just enjoying following my players with the live scoring feature. I have not enjoyed baseball this much since I was a boy. Thank You.
Robert Johnson, Chicago IL

I just wanted to let you know your willingness to monitor and act on league activity is appreciated by the BeerBonger Team. It has been challenging competing with such competitive team owners. It is fun and enjoyable and I plan to play forever!!
Scotty Patten, Green Bay WI

I just wanted to let you know how much I've enjoyed the FSRU fantasy baseball league over the years. It's always a blast! You have a well run league, an easy to navigate site, and good tools and research. I've tried lots of other fantasy sites, and FSRU is my favorite.
Seth Mandl, New York NY

Gentlemen, this is my third season at FSRU and I have yet to be disappointed. The combination of unique formats, savvy fantasy owners, and a flexible commissioner, have all made my experience at FSRU 'time well spent'. I'd recommend FSRU to any serious fantasy player looking for the total package.
Chris Bennett, Minneapolis MN

After having participated in Rotisserie baseball for over 20 years, I found that the Fantasy Sports R Us offers the most diversified scoring leagues. It amounts to "One Stop Shopping" for all different types of scoring leagues. And of course, the payoffs are fair and immediate. The yearly fees are reasonable and there are no transaction fees. A lot can be said about FSRU, but in short, I have found it an excellent website to find the baseball league you are interested in and it also covers the other sports.
Tony Lewan, Flanders NJ

I have been playing at for two years. I have four teams, between three different sports. They have helped me out when I had to go to work or my computer went down during drafts. I was able to phone in my picks (see if you can do that on some of the other sites). I look forward to continue playing at FSRU for many years.
Richard Crist Jr., Bedford VA

I think the personal touch you get at FSRU is rare for the time we currently live. I have also grown great trust in the commissioners ability to put through trades, as well as void trades. I think as keeper league sites go, it would be difficult for another site to host leagues as good as this site. This site is certainly setting the bar high.
Jesse Franklyn, Great Falls, MO

FSRU has the best fantasy football scoring system I have ever played and I played them all.
Sonny Berisse, St. Albans, VT

I just wanted you guys to know how much fun I had in your Washington Nationals Auction League. The auction format was the most enjoyable online draft I ever had- I am hooked on it. I also love how much more social and active the league members are compared to one year leagues. I have found it an overall better experience.
Antoni Kowalski, Billings MO

Your leagues are awesome. It is true that my team pretty much stunk it up from the beginning of the season to the end. It is true that my team will likely stink it up again this year. But the guys are great fun, I have already had dinner with one of them when he came to LA on business. You guys just know how to do this better than the rest. I am with you for life.
Mike Lutian, Los Angeles CA

I like to play with team owners that love their fantasy sports as much as I do. That's why I love playing at
Sean Lopez, Queens NY

To anyone thinking of joining it my suggestion is do it in a heartbeat. This site has super competitors, great banter and timely answers to questions. There are also great owners involved. Timely payouts are never in question and the drafts are the most fun.
John Schellhase, Fredicksburg VA

I remember back in the 2001 baseball season, playing fantasy baseball in a Yahoo league. It was my 3rd season playing in that format and I remember being so mad that there were like 5000 free leagues, half the teams in each league ended up being ghost teams come tax deadline, half of what was left were guys who also had 25 other teams in various leagues, leaving like 2-4 teams playing it out. I remember thinking that there has got to be something more...somewhere better out there. I had played fantasy football with friends, but that was tough, reading box scores, making errors all year. I couldnt imagine me and my friends trying to run a baseball league. Then on a search, I found FSRU and no way I go back to that Yahoo nonsense. I think I was the first member of the Boston Red Sox. Then I joined the Brewers, Packers and Knicks and haven't looked back. For this I say thank you. This is a great group of guys and is tons of fun. I expect to be here for many years.
Jeff Elway, Boston MA

This is the best league I've ever been in because it is competitive and is run with the personal skills I have never seen at other services.
Barry Newman, Long Island NY

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